Have you ever dreamed of being on a spaceship and travelling across galaxies to distant worlds? Or would you just like to be a part of something new and exciting? Well look no further! Now you can have your very own flesh-eating abomination in our game. Become a zombie and devour the visitors of the ESS Meridian in Dead Effect!

How is this possible?
Our experienced character artist will create a 3D model of you and then transform you into a zombie based on your appearance. Your zombie self will then appear in survival arenas and other types of arenas that are currently in development and also have a place in the wallpaper section of our web page.

You can have your zombie self for 5000 USD.
If you think, you are the person we are looking for, you can contact us through our Facebook page or e-mail us and we'll start working on the details of your very own Dead Effect zombie.

The option to 'try your luck' is now closed.

Good day to everyone.

We'd like to announce who will have their picture shown on the shirt of a special zombie in the game for at least 2 months. The person we've randomly drawn was Lukáš Kraina, but he decided to leave this opportunity to someone else. So, according to the rules of the Space Program, we've contacted Werner Heinz, who was the first among the Top 20 donors. Werner accepted this opportunity, so you can say hi to him in one of the future updates :)

The top 20 donors will receive big wall calendar for the year 2014 (limited edition).
If you've missed out, don't worry. You can still purchase the calendar and other items from our "Goodies section".

Top 20 Donors

  1. Werner Heinz - 15.00 USD
  2. Freddy Krueger - 12.00 USD
  3. Lukas Kraina - 10.00 USD
  4. Matus Kivader - 10.00 USD
  5. Marek Draganovsky - 6.00 USD
  6. MATTHEW BAI - 3.00 USD
  7. Christopher Fernandez - 3.00 USD
  8. Brian Walsh - 2.00 USD
  9. howard pearce - 2.00 USD
  10. Yuri Morozov - 1.50 USD
  11. Ondej Val - 1.30 USD
  12. Simon Holm - 1.20 USD
  13. Fabio Sandrelli - 1.10 USD
  14. Fan Tomas - 1.00 USD
  15. Manduhai Borjigin - 1.00 USD
  16. Tim Benson - 1.00 USD
  17. Vincent Voit - 1.00 USD
  18. ...
  19. ...