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We are proud to celebrate our 6th anniversary of BadFly Interactive studio!

And as of the special occasion, we have an amazing surprise for you – a demo of our dream game FOR FREE to try on your hi-end mobile devices!

Search for TauCeti Technology Benchmark on your favorite store:

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Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Your BFI

We have launched a website for our upcoming game - Dead Effect 2 where you can find more informations about the game as well as screenshots and videos.

Dead Effect for PC & MAC has been released in its full version. Thanks to the success of the Early Access game and the support of our fans, we were able to finish the game. We've come a long way since the first PC/MAC version in terms of both quality and playability. The improvements are huge, ranging from upgraded graphics to new enemies and abilities. You can find the full game on Steam.

Dead Effect PC/MAC release

The first Beta Update for PC/MAC has been released. The game is now complete, which means that all the single player levels are available. We've also added two new Survival missions, a new enemy, a new weapon, few language mutations and a lot of other improvements. To see a full list of features and tweaks, follow this link to our Steam page. You can buy it here, it's still for better price than the final game will cost. If everything goes smoothly, we want to release the final game before Christmas of this year.

PC/MAC Early Access version of Dead Effect is now available on STEAM.

Dead Effect PC/MAC Early Access

The PC trailer is out! You can look forward to next week, when we'll release the long expected Early Access version on the Steam. MAC version will be released few days later.

Here are the first screenshots of the PC version of the game. If everything goes smoothly, the Early Access Demo should be ready around the beginning of April.

An important update (1.2.1) for iOS has been released. It fixes the iCloud synchronization.

Update 1.2 is out!

To everyone who may have missed it, the iOS version of the game has become Free to Play. We are very thankfull to all of you, who bought the game on iOS, you should follow these steps to claim your reward (credits & gold):

iCloud function is required. You need to have update 1.1 installed and have completed at least one mission (from the story campaign or survival mode, it doesn't matter). You can't delete your game before installing update 1.2.

That means that if you have version 1.0 and go straight to 1.2 from there, you won't get anyhting. The same goes if you delete version 1.1 and then install the game again - you will jump to version 1.2 without having had 1.1 on your device before. Start the game after updating to 1.2 (make sure that you are connected to the internet), choose a character in Profiles (the character you choose will receive the credits, gold bars are shared between both characters). Hit continue and you should get your reward. You can continue playing your character as normal. Do not choose new game, because all your credits and progress will dissapear.

We are now on Steam Greenlight with a PC, MAC and Linux versions of Dead Effect. If you'd like to play the game on these platforms, feel free to vote for us. It will help us a lot!
Our goal is to create more than just a conversion of the mobile version of the game. We want to improve the graphics and gameplay significantly.
Right now we are working on the Early Access Demo for PC & MAC and it will be available soon. We also plan to add multiplayer, Co-op and PvP. Other possible platforms will be PS3 & PS4.
If there will be enough interest and Early Access demo brings us enough fundings, we also want to make language modifications.

If you help us on Steam and we pass through Greenlight, there is a very good chance to have multiplayer and language modifications on iOS and Android devices too. Thank you for your support!

Dead Effect STEAM Greenlight

We, inDev Brain - developer of Dead Effect, are looking for an investor/partner so that we can create Dead Effect 2. If you know anyone like that or want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Help us find an investor/partner and increase the chance for a better, bigger and much more fun sequel to the game.

Dead Effect 2

Update 1.1 for iOS is out!

Become a zombie and devour the visitors of the ESS Meridian in Dead Effect. Our SPACE PROGRAM is open!

A minor update for the android version of the game has been released.

The in-game store is open again. The security of in-game purchases has been improved. We have implemented a back-checking system which will ensure that customers always receive what they bought. We apologize for inconvenience to everyone who had problems with purchases. We have tuned up performance and added a few more devices that were not supported thus far. We have also made a few optimizations for the X-treme quality setting. This also includes the issues with cutscenes.

The first update for iOS is imminent.

New update of Android version of the game is released!
New devices like Nexus7 and many more are now supported. We also want to support Android and iOS controllers in the future.

We have released the game for Androids. It’s available on Google Play and is completely free to play with IAPs.

We are aware of the compatibilty issues on some devices that should be able to run the game.
Please let us know of if you have this problem and what device you have.

The work on first update has begun. At the moment we are focusing on following issues:
- fixing bugs and problems reported by users, correction of leaderboards statistics for the game mode survive, where the sequence is completely reversed,
- optimization for older devices such as ipod4 and iphone4. and implementation technologies iCloud,
- improvement of armory menu,
- improvements of effects of exploding heads and maybe spread blood effects too,

You can also expect new content, which should prolongue your fun in the form of new levels for survive mode, new unique weapons and brand new game mode. In this mode you'll feel like a "hunter", objective will be seek and destroy the target in a shortest possible time.

If you have some questions about the game, suggestions for improvements or just want to say something to us, feel free to do so on our facebook page, twitter or in this forum on

Game has been RELEASED! Starting in New Zealand, rest of the world will follow. All those who purchase the game, will be receiving new content with improvements for free regularly.

Two days till App Store release - time to share more pictures!

We've just released our second/launch trailer, you can find it in the video section. Also some new pics are available.

Hello everybody! We are very happy to inform you, that our game is already completed and if everything goes smoothly, it will be available on the App Store very soon. Let's take a look at some pictures from our game. From now on, we will share some more every few days!

Here we go - our big announcement!
For a few months we have been working hard on a brand new iOS Game called Dead Effect. Still several more weeks ahead of us, but we think it's the right time to share some basic information about the game.

ESS Meridian, chosen to be rebuilt as the first long range military/scientific starship, is travelling through space with a new FTL technology, headed for its destination - to colonize Tau Ceti f - the first planet in the history of mankind. Few months later, a crew member is disrupted from a cryogenic sleep. There could be only one reason for this, but nothing indicates it now. What happened to all those people, why are they so aggressive that they attack without any survival instincts?

Dead Effect is a brand new FPS (First Person Shooter) for iOS devices, with outstanding graphics, interesting story, and great gameplay focused on gamers with a passion for hunting down hordes of undead enemies and/or sci-fi genre.