We are small indie developer group consisting of just five people, all of us worked in the game industry for many years on many different PC, console and mobile titles such as Vietcong, Mafia, Cold War, Chronicles of Riddick, Ufo aftermath, Original War and more. We also like sci-fi and horror movies as well as games like Duke Nukem or Bulletstorm, which used to be not only full of action, but also of a humour. And we do our best to keep this perfect balance of action and fun on the same level also in our own games.

Our team was set up in autumn 2012, when we decided it’s the right time to make use of our experience and create something just by ourselves. We meant to try developing a very simple game in a short time and release it on the market as a test of our abilities. We succeded to achieve this with some external help in 10 months, which is slightly longer than we expected, but at same time the game is more complex than we thought it could be. Until now we have worked without any funding money or financial contribution of any kind and the most of us in the spare time.

We are enthusiasts and gamers in the first place. Our goal is to make games enjoyable and we will always keep on improving them.

Good luck with killing zombies, guys! Professor Wagner is looking forward to enjoying your company. Please let us know if you liked the game, we appreciate any feedback, it will really help us.